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What Is It?


     Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference in the world?

     Ever felt the urge to make a difference in someone’s life, but don’t have the time or money?

     Have you ever wanted to give money to charity but are leery because of the bureaucratic administrative and overhead expenses that seem to eat up a major portion of the organization’s income?

     Tired of hearing news stories of non-profit organizations that spend more on their own salaries and expenses than they contribute to society?

     Do you want to be in a position to be your own charity? Do you want to have sufficient cash flow to be able to work when you want to, where you want to, how you want to, so you could take the time to direct your cash flow to charitable endeavors?

     Structured-Giving allows you to be a donor and recipient of tax-free cash gifts made by multiple givers all around the globe.

It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive

     You have heard the saying, “To receive, you must first give”, or, “It is more blessed to give than it is to receive.” This is a simple Universal Law. In order to receive, you must first give. This is what Structured Giving will help you do.

     Attitude is everything. If you don’t think that you deserve to “give”, then you will never “get” to the degree that you desire. It is that simple. You must make the first move to better someone’s life, just because you can; Nothing more; No expectations; Just a desire to be an instrument for Goodness.

     If you want to become a recipient, you must first give. So, let’s get started.

     This incredible, revolutionary Structured-Giving system focuses on people helping people. If you have been searching for a unique system that really works, you have finally found it. If you are looking for a financial break-through in your life then you came to the right place!

     With the Structured-Giving system you can immediately and dramatically change your financial life! Our system is simple and based upon the power of one! YOU!

     This activity is Internet based and automated with a customized computer software program. The tracking and placement of all the donors within this structure is handled for you so you can concentrate on “doing good” for others. All you need is a Structured Giving ID#.

An Honored Worldwide Tradition

     Sharing with others is an honored tradition that is practiced worldwide within all cultures, religions and nations. Structured Giving believes that helping others establishes bonds and helps to develop relationships. When people feel a connection to others it provides an environment for harmony.

     When your basic needs are fulfilled, you can explore areas such as growth and personal development. To develop those aspects you must be capable of providing for basic needs. The Pay-It-Forward system is an avenue to move beyond “just getting by” whereby collective and combined efforts result in greater attainment.

     Animals in nature practice this philosophy with their communal hunting and living. We readily recognize that philosophy under its umbrella of synergy wherein combined and collective effort results in greater productivity or attainment faster. Synergistic efforts and productivity is shared with all in the group that is contributing towards a given aim. The same can be said for an avenue that is created wherein individuals can gift to others and receive gifts in return, providing that everyone who chooses to participate provides synergistic efforts of time, care and gifts.

Helping Others Provide For Others

     There are those who cannot even provide basics for their needs and family care. Synergistic efforts and gifting can be especially beneficial under those circumstances. More importantly, it can be achieved without relying on governmental assistance and the resultant controls for the receiving of any such assistance. It can also result in individuals feeling a sense of attainment without shame and/or guilt to receive gifts of money from others with no strings attached. Such gifts of money through the vehicle of Structured Giving is intended to assist others and to live by the philosophy that all gift and care for others and all anticipate that gifts and care can also be received by them. It is an avenue that one may choose to participate within while understanding that all gifts and efforts are strictly voluntary and have no enforcement provisions. The goodwill and integrity of the individuals in the activity is all there is, no more, no less.

     Under ideal circumstances, gifts are given without conditions or expectations attached. Furthermore, the most blessed form of gifting is anonymous. Any structured giving has an honored format wherein one gifts via a process and ultimately can receive gifts by honoring the philosophy of the process. However, there is no guarantee attached to any gift nor should one expect a guarantee. Gifting and participating within the activity is done by a conscious decision and desire to do so. Anyone that chooses to be a part of the activity is duly informed of that fact. If you are in disagreement with the concept and process, don’t get involved.

     Structured Giving is a private, structured gifting activity with a philosophy of helping others by living better and helping others live more abundantly. The intent in participating within the activity is to gift others and receive gifts from others via a structured process. The optimum way to achieve helping as many folks as possible is simply sharing.

Golden Rules of Giving & Caring

     You are encouraged to follow the golden rules of gifting and caring while also complying with all governmental agencies and laws. To live in integrity one must also honor this great country and its laws, and to live by those laws to the extent possible. For what happens to one ultimately impacts all, which is why helping others become abundant is so important. It is inequitable for anyone in this great land to experience lack, struggle and suffer when there is so much abundance.

     Remember, what you radiate in the form of thought, action and deed is what shall surely return. Structured giving is one way to quickly change your financial circumstances. If you give with a cheerful heart, your financial circumstances may change more quickly. Therefore, only participate if you can give with a cheerful heart. Since this is not a company, not an investment, nor does it have a product, you are kindly urged to refrain from participation if you have such expectations. For us to have the maximum impact in the lives of others, it important that your gifts be sincere with no strings attached.

How It Works

     Here’s how the Structured-Giving system works. First, YOU decide to join as a member of the Structured-Giving system. You log into the website and join. Upon joining you will be presented with options to pay the $180.00 annual fee for your Structured-Giving web hosting and personal online donor tracking software. Your ID# and to whom you send your gift is immediately sent to you via email.

     Here is where you start the domino effect to creating your personal financial freedom. YOU invite your first person to join and become a Structured-Giving donor. Remember, you must give to receive.

     This first person sends you 80% of their gift and 20% to the person who introduced you. The software automatically tracks it for you.

     This NEW CONCEPT is an 80/20 “sharing receiving” structure. There are NO BOARDS to fill, NO MATRIXES to split or stall and NO BINARIES to balance. The 80/20 structure is superior and mathematically out-performs ANY other program in existence!

     Every person you successfully invite sends you 80%. They will send their gift directly to you by overnight courier. They are now your Donor Partner. Every person they invite will send you 20% of their gift! So in other words you receive 80% of all gifts from your directly invited Donor Partners, PLUS, 20% of all the gifts made by THEIR directly invited Donor Partners! FOREVER – without limits!

     It may be hard to grasp this structure the first time, so be sure to refer to the Wealth Receiving Video for an easy to understand recap of the fundamental concepts behind this revolutionary system. (Click here to view the video)

The Power Of Giving Is Life-Changing

     Here’s where you can begin to VISUALIZE the steady stream of cash that’s generated by this powerful system and it’s all based upon The Power of 80/20! It’s real, it’s simple, and it’s life-changing.

     Just figure it out for yourself how the 80/20 will dramatically change your life. Write out the strategy of everyone successfully inviting just one new person each and every week. Now calculate this out for 50 weeks. Do you think you could do this?

     Absolutely YOU can! In fact, SOME people are successfully inviting one new person every day or every other day! When you realize that YOU are immediately receiving 80% of all financial gifts from every person you invite and 20% of every person they invite, you won’t be able to sleep tonight! This is the power of exponential growth to infinity!

     Another very important aspect of our activity is the system and tools that are in place for you to be successful. These are just some of the tools that are available:

  • Private, password protected website that explains this powerful system.
  • Live Meet-the-Team Workshops.
  • Multiple recorded calls available 24/7.
  • Scripts to help you to learn how to invite and share this system with others.
  • Various lead systems that will bring people to you who are serious.
  • Member’s Back Office that tracks all of your Donor Wealth Lines.

     The Structured-Giving system is creating a lot of excitement! By practicing the true spirit of “people helping people”, you will create positive changes in your financial future.

     Don’t wait another day… Seize The Moment! NOW is the time to take action! Get back to the person who referred you to the Structured-Giving system and make the decision to join us today!


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